......I take pop culture seriously

why do I find this so hilarious?

Kourt continues slaying.

you’re so transparent Kimmy.

Exactly Mason. who can ever make another baby as cute as you are?

and this was Reggie. I just hope you’re not watching re-runs Kimmy.

I’m so using the la la la hand from here on.

somebody had to go there.

aaand Kourt has given the stank eye. you’re so in deep, deep shit Scotty.

gosh I could dip & eat him!!! what a cute, cute, super freaking cute baby.

Kim K’s ugly crying face appreciation, all Warhol-ed & stuff.

Kourt continues slaying..

Kourt’s life lessons continue..

ooh snap

Kim’s “I’m-not-so-pissed-I’m-about-to-explode” face rofl she so wanted to smack the living shit off Rob’s face and she knew it!