......I take pop culture seriously

I believe this is all the footage you need to see to grasp that Rob has put his blood, sweat and tears into this project. It isn’t just about getting the accent down, it isn’t about him looking dirty, and it isn’t about him playing a character, it’s about Robert Pattison - as we know him - completely disappearing into a character that leaves us wanting to learn more about its seemingly compelling history, rather than thinking “oh, this looks different for him. (x)

story of our lives Rob.

I don’t. show me?


love me some bored Kristen expressions.

rofl x forever.

skinny dipping in the dark last Friday night..

well, hello sir. four times.

he doesn’t. take off yours & give it to him. now.


the many faces of James (and his awesome independent brow)

handsome faces, curing smiles.